Getting your FOREX Education Online

FOREX trading have drawn so much interest that it has now found its way to the computer screen. Forex requires high skill, research, and reliable quotes. But guess what? That doesn't stop programmers from putting it on an online platform.

Fini Fx Pro Trading forex platform located at offers multiple resources for new and experienced forex traders. The platform offers an internet-based currency system for self directed and managed forex trading. It provides traders, pool operators, brokers and trading advisers with tools for account management and trade execution on major currency pairs.

The online forex trading company features real time quotes, one click execution and online account monitoring any time. And it allows to apply analytical indicators and drag and drop chart options.

What separates Fini Fix from other online trading platforms is it can teach lessons on trading. There are educational tools on the site that includes the history of forex, technical indicators and charts, trade execution lessons, etc. in a multi-media based software format. There is also a demo of the trading platform that familiarizes beginners to the forex marketplace and begin currency trading. They call this educational tool the Fini Fix Academy for forex traders.

What's good about the Fini Fix Academy is it's not just a CD or a book that you read. It's interactive. With quizzes, a final exam and a whole lot of action.

Fini Fix also offers a demo of their software, which can be free for 30 days and can be extended to 90 days. The demo software offers actual live forex market quotes, charts and streaming news and every tool that would exercise your trading skills and develop trading strategies of your own. Everything without risk. This is a sort of introduction to the Fini Fx Pro that features real time quotes, technical analysis tools, news feed and a Web browser.

Another platform is the that features a free technical analysis program that would help forex traders. The site has a highly interactive graphical environment where users can evaluate and compare results of several different trading programs. There is also an on-screen reports and graph updates that displays moving average periods and other indicators that affect profit.

In addition, it features a simulator that uses up-to-date information of eight currency pairs and uses trading algorithms: moving average crossover, single moving average, triple moving average, and high-low channel.

Lastly, another forex platform is Alaronfx, located at where you can find trading points and guides, relevant news and other forex research.